Amazon Wish List

Last year we were asked to post a ‘wish list’ of items we would like from Amazon.  Thanks to some very kind donations all the items on this wish have now been bought for us and delivered.  Thank you!

We have now created a new Amazon ‘wish list’ – which can be found by following this link – we would be so happy to receive any of the items on this list if you would rather buy something for school at Christmas.  Don’t forget to complete the sender information so we are able to say thank you for any gifts sent to us!

Crafty Cave Creations

Our friend, Jo, from Craft Cave Creations, has been playing Santa again and has sent us lots of lovely Christmas craft supplies for the children to make their Christmas Cards with.  Thank you very much Jo! If you have a moment have a look at her Facebook page Craft Cave Creations by Jo Marshall.

Thank you Jo!