Year 3

Hello everybody, here are a few documents you could download to keep going with your learning while you are at home. Xx

New: 3.4.20 Whole School Easter Project

From Miss S 2.4.20

Easter Learning Project Y3_4

New: 24.3.20

Hello everybody! We’ve found a few good bits of art that other schools have been sharing and we thought you might like them!

Why not try some of these from the Gomersal Primary Art blog. We think the coffee cup rings art looks great!

From Clarry Simpson (an art teacher in Northumberland) there’s a 30 geography art challenge.

geog drawing challenge

Then from another art teacher – Louse Clazely – there’s this 30 day art challenge – it’ll be fun creating the 5cm by 5cm squares to draw them in too!

Louise Clazely


Year 3 Home Learning March 2020


Spring reading challenge sheet Y3


Here is the Year 3 Number and Place Value booklet from Twinkl.

Here is the Year-3-Multiplication-and-Division-Workbook booklet from Twinkl.

Here is the Year 3 Addition and Subtraction booklet from Twinkl.

Here is a PPT to help you with the maths methods letter you have learned.


Here is the Year 3 Term Spring 2 Spellings Overview .

Here is the Year 3 Term Summer 1 Spellings Overview .