Websites for Learning

Hello children! This is our new page for all the websites that can help you with your learning. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find sub-headings of all the different subjects.

Click here to find information about the River Nile.

1. Purplemash: If you click here you’ll be able to login to Purplemash.

2. Maths:

Times Tables

Click here for the Mathsframe Multiplication Check webpage.

Click here for the website.

Click here for the ‘Learn Your Times Tables’ website.

Mental Maths

Here is the ‘Hit the Button’ website. Practice doubling, number bonds, halves and times tables.

Click here to visit the Ambleweb number bonds machine.

Click here for the ‘easy’ train maths.

Click here for the ‘medium’ train maths.

Click here for the ‘difficult’ train maths.

Click here for some times tables games from Woodlands Primary School.

3. Science:

Here is the link for the webpages from the Children’s University of Manchester.

4. History:

Ancient Egypt: Click here for the Mr Donn website for children about Anceint Egypt.

Stone Age

Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize webpage about the Stone Age.

If you click here, it will take you to the Unsworth Primary School webpage about the Stone Age.

5. Music:

Learn about the instruments of the orchestra and where they sit on ‘Classic for Kids.’

Click here for the ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.’

Click here to visit the New York Philharmonic orchestra’s ‘Instrument Lab’ for kids!

Click here to take you to the Isle of Tune website to help you learn how to compose music.

6. Computing:

Click here for the ‘Hour of Code’ website.