Maths Practise

On this page you’ll be able to use websites to help you with your learning in maths!

Click here to play a times tables game from Mathsframe.


Telling The Time

Click here for the mathsframe website for children to help you to learn to tell the time.

Click here for the Topmarks ‘matching times’ webpage.

Times Tables

Hit the Button X Tables are here.

Here is the times tables page from the primary homework help website.

More times tables here from ‘Learn Your Times Tables.’


We need to know our number facts, click here for Number Fact Family practise.

Click here for the ‘Fractions of Something’ game from the BBC.

Click here for more fractions practise from NGFL Wales.

Practise finding the perimeter on this website –  ‘Perim-Bots.’

Here is the ‘Hit the Button’ website. Practice doubling, number bonds, halves and times tables.

Click for the triangle shoot maths game.

Click here to visit the Ambleweb number bonds machine.

Click here for the ‘easy’ train maths.

Click here for the ‘medium’ train maths.

Click here for the ‘difficult’ train maths.

Click  here for some maths games from Woodlands Primary School.