Staffing Structure from September 2020 to August 2021



Julian Rose Headteacher
Jon Warrener Year 6 Teacher/Assistant Headteacher/Senco
Jane Perrons Year 5 Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
Alex Sykes School Business Manager/Leadership Team
Sarah Hutson Year 6 Teacher
Emma Turner Year 5  Teacher
Stacy Worsley Year 4 Teacher (Staff Governor)
Nicola Stables Year 3 Teacher
Joan Clayton Year 2 Teacher
Amy Jackson Year 1 Teacher
Diane Price Reception Teacher/Early Years Co-ordinator
Emma Rose Reception Teacher
Caretaker Bartosz Swieton
Sharon Brown Administration Assistant
Classroom Support Staff
Amanda Charlesworth Nursery Nurse
Donna Holmes HLTA
Michelle Todd HLTA
Sharon Traviss Senior ETA
Haley Dyson Greaves Senior ETA
Heather Hunt ETA/ Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Jeanette Kenworthy ETA/Lunchtime Supervisor
Pippa Bamford ETA
Emma Holmes ETA
Pam Foster ETA/Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Staff
Kerry Parkes Lunchtime Supervisor
Emma Lee Lunchtime Supervisor
Sian Parr Lunchtime Supervisor
Caroline Adams Lunchtime Supervisor
Claire Wake Cook
Clare Carruthers Assistant Cook
Staff earning in excess of £100K per annum None
Union Officials None

*SEN Special Educational Needs

*SENCo Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

*HLTA Higher Level Teaching Assistant

*ETA Educational Teaching Assistant

Staffing Structure 2017 2018

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