Teaching schools have been designated to identify, develop and co-ordinate expertise for the benefit of pupils across a network of schools to achieve:

  • Better results for pupils,
  • Fewer poorly performing schools,
  • More good and outstanding schools,
  • A self-improving and sustainable system that contributes to the development of local succession planning arrangements to ensure a future supply of highly skilled leaders in local schools.


What does the government say about Teaching School Alliances

Teaching school alliances are led by a teaching school and include schools that are benefiting from support, as well as strategic partners who lead some aspects of training and development. Strategic partners may include: other schools from any phase or sector, academy chains, local authorities, private sector organisations and/or a teaching school alliance may decide to work with other alliances to share knowledge and resources as a teaching school network.

The aims of a teaching school include:

·         School-led teacher training

·         Continuous Professional Development

·         Identifying and developing leadership potential

·         Supporting other schools

·         Developing specialist leaders of education

·         Research and development


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