Our School Ethos and Values



  C = confidence   L= learning   E = enjoyment   A = achievement   R = respect

We aim to develop confidence in a range of contexts: confidence to try new things, confidence to take risks, confidence to share feelings and findings, confidence to ask questions and seek answers for clarity, depth and insight, confidence to present a point of view and confidence to make independent choices.

We aim to develop a love and appreciation of learning, where challenge is viewed as opportunity to progress. We aim to develop understanding of the learning process, where pupils recognise that they may favour particular styles and situations, and that learning is not always strategic and sequential.

We aim to foster a sense of enjoyment. Sometimes, this will be seen during activities; sometimes, this will materialise upon reflection. Sometimes, enjoyment will stem from the nature of the activity; at other times, it may stem from the approach. Enjoyment must be seen as more than fun, but rather the benefit that arises. Therefore, we aim to encourage pupils to consider a range of factors that have impacted upon their quality of experience.

We aim for all pupils to strive for, and recognise achievement in a wide variety of subjects, including communication, science and mathematics, the arts, sport, humanities and computing. Achievement also exists within personal contexts, where children have shown the qualities of endurance or determination, or have overcome obstacles. Achievement is both short and long term. We aim to praise, encourage and sustain achievement so that learning continues to flourish.

We aim for all pupils to recognise and understand their own feelings, and to respond to others in a positive way. We aim to promote awareness of different cultures and faiths, and the importance of similarities and differences. We aim to develop appreciation and tolerance, so that respect is given to all. Respect for one another should not be passive, but rather active, where pupils reach out to others, individually, as a small group, or collectively as a class or school, to make a difference.

About Nabb School

Holmfirth Junior Infant and Nursery School is a lively, vibrant school with a very distinct culture and a local reputation for being very different but special. Locally it is known as ‘The Nabb’ because the school is at the top of a very steep hill locally known as ‘Nabb’. It is an Edwardian school built originally as a secondary school and although it is over 100 years old, it has gradually been modernised inside. There are extensive school grounds comprising of school fields, a meadow, woods, outdoor learning space and an allotment.

Children, staff, parents, and governors are supportive and very proud of the school. The children have a strong voice as is evident by our proactive school council.

We have a very effective PTA called FONS (Friends of Nabb School) who are an amazing dedicated team who work very hard to raise funds for school.

School staff are very committed to the children, the staff are very enthusiastic and conscientious; the children are talented, love learning and enjoy coming to school. The school’s ethos is one of openness and honesty; integrity compassion and empathy are highly valued. Children’s behaviour is excellent and Ofsted judged our personal, social, spiritual and moral development to be outstanding.

Recent surveys of children, staff and parents have been carried out. The overwhelming majority of parents and carers feel positively about most aspects of school life and children’s learning. A significant majority of children feel safe, enjoy their learning and are happy in school. All staff are committed to children and their learning, belong to a strong, cohesive team and believe that the school is a happy place where children are nurtured and flourish in their development and learning.

If you are curious about why there is a tiger in our logo and also on the front page, then read here! 

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