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Do you know about Fenella our tiger? Here’s the story!

The Overend family from Holmfirth were circus entertainers and toured South Africa in 1939. Whilst on this tour they were offered two newly born tiger cubs to rear and although one of them soon died, they managed to raise the other one who they called Fenella. At the start of World War II they brought her back with them to live in Holmfirth and they lived in a house just down the road from our school. Fenella lived with the family who took her on long walks around Holmfirth – apparently there are still signs of her claw marks on the doors in the house!

This is a great photo of her below, being taken for a walk in the morning followed by Nabb children on their way to school…..it is said that she liked to eat fish and chips!

A few years ago our school took part on a project to make a book about her story. This is the cover of the book which is still available.

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