Hoppers Tiger Club – Before & After School Club

Dear Parents and carers,

I would like to start by introducing myself and my team. My name is Alison and I own and run Hoppers nursery, pre-school and after school club based in Bolster Moor. We are currently in the process of taking over the Tiger club lease and offering a wrap around care and holiday club for all the children from Pre-school age through to 11 years of age. Currently not the Nursery children. This is something we will look at in the future.
Hoppers will not change the name of the club as we know it has a history in the community, it will be called Hoppers Tiger club. I will be building on the links already made with the school and the local community and growing the Tiger club into a stronger and central part of the school.

As well as running the breakfast and after school club we will also be offering a holiday club 8:30am to 5pm during the summer holidays. Below are the times and prices we will be offering.

Breakfast club 7.30 – 9am £8

After school club 3.15 – 6pm £13

Holiday club 8.30am – 5pm £33

Please feel free to email me any questions you might have.
Alison DeBarkham – Owner – Tel: 01484 651352
Email: alison@hoppers-preschool.co.uk


The Tiger Club, operates separately from school, but work with us to provide before and after school places for pupils of the school.  The Tiger Club is located in the school grounds – in a purpose-built log cabin.  They provide childcare, before and after school, for our children in years Reception through to Year 6.  The Club is currently in the process of being taken over by a highly regarded local childcare provider – whose aim is to be fully operational by September 2023.

Any enquiries about places should be made direct to the Tiger Club.  Here are their contact details.





07853 817532


Tiger Club
C/o Holmfirth Junior, Infant & Nursery School
Cartworth Road