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If you are interested in joining the Governing Body please do not hesitate to ask Mr Rose, Headteacher, or any of the Governors any questions you may have.

Role of the Governing Body

This section introduces the School Governors and describes the role we play at Nabb School. Whilst Julian Rose, as Head Teacher, and supported by the Leadership Team, is responsible for the operation and management of the school, the Governing Body has three key statutory responsibilities:

  • setting the school’s strategic direction;
  • holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

We also have responsibility for agreeing policies and procedures essential to the operation of the school. Our role is often described as acting as a “critical friend” to the Head Teacher and staff – we provide support and advice to help them set and achieve targets, raise the school’s performance standards and give all pupils the best possible education.  We do this primarily by monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness and asking challenging questions. We also have a responsibility to handle complaints.  However, it is important to note that individual concerns or queries should always be raised initially with your child’s class teacher, and then with the Headteacher if you feel that your concern has not been resolved.  It is important to follow the guidelines listed in the school’s complaints policy because if a concern is initially raised with a governor this could, in effect, ‘taint’ the Governing Body meaning that it could be difficult to escalate any concern to to the Complaints Committee if Governors have been involved in any way at the beginning of the process. A copy of the school’s Complaints Policy , and other policy documents can be found by following this link. See below for other information which explains who the Governors are, and how and when we meet. If you would like to find out more about the work we do, are interested in becoming a School Governor, or have any other questions or suggestions for us, then please do speak to Mr Rose, the Headteacher or any of the other Governors (many of us will be in the playground before and after school).  Alternatively, if you pop into the office you can get hold of relevant contact details or arrange to see one of us. David Sharp – Chair of Governors

Who we are

David Sharp – Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor)

I moved to Holmfirth in 2002 and love living in a town with such a vibrant atmosphere which very much reminds me of Northern Ireland where I grew up. My two children both attend Nabb, my eldest is in Year 5 and my youngest is in Year 3. 

I have worked in banking for 26 years and I have recently been promoted to the position of Area Director for Business Banking across West and North Yorkshire. I manage a team of 19 Relationship Managers and, through this role (and my own 18 years previous experience as a Relationship Manager), I have had the pleasure of working with some brilliant and innovative local businesses, helping them to achieve their growth plans and strategic ambitions. 

My career has helped me to develop strong analytical, judgmental, and interpersonal skill sets which I can to bring to this role. My motivation for being part of the Board of Governors is to help develop the buzz and energy in the school which has always impressed me. 

From a personal perspective, as well as trying to achieve a work/life/kids’ clubs balance, I enjoy sport – I play 6 a-side football and cricket for Cartworth Moor. I also love sailing and would love to have the opportunity to crew for Sir Ben Ainslie – in life everyone needs a dream!

Sarah Smale – (Co-Opted Governor)

I have lived in Holmfirth since 2005 and have 1 child currently at Nabb in Years 5.  My older children is at High School. I have been a solicitor for 16 years but I am currently taking a career break to concentrate on family life.  This has allowed me to pursue other interests, including becoming a school governor since September 2015.  In my role as governor, I want to help the school to further develop and succeed and to provide a happy and positive learning experience for all children. Even though I have been involved in the school as a parent since 2008, when I joined the board of governors in 2015 I soon realised how little I knew about what goes on behind the scenes – I am enjoying the learning experience and now appreciate even more what the school and its staff provide for our children. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going on long walks, cooking, visiting new places and trying to be artistic!

Amy Crowther (Co-opted Governor)

My name is Amy Crowther and I have been a governor at Nabb School since September 2015. Previous to this I was a teacher at Nabb School for 7 years until I became an Assistant Headteacher at my new school in the Colne Valley area. I am passionate about teaching, leadership and creating positive changes to children’s lives. I strongly believe that enjoyment is the ‘Velcro’ to learning and that an inclusive, creative and exciting environment is paramount. My favourite subjects are outdoor learning and Science – I love being outside with my class and learning in the outdoors. I am teaching year 4, 5 and 6 at the moment. In my spare time I enjoy walking around the Holmfirth area with my partner, our young baby and border collie. My partner is a chef so we also like eating out a lot and trying new foods! I love spending time at Nabb School, it has a special feeling that if you could bottle would be surely worth over 1 million pounds!

Nicolle Burns-Keane (Community Governor)

I feel very privileged to sit on the governing body and to work with such great children and dedicated staff at Nabb school. I currently have children in Years 6 and Year 1 but have been a parent at the school since 2013. My eldest children are now at High school. I am Deputy Head Teacher at a Kirklees Primary School, having taught in the Holme Valley for my entire teaching career except for a 3 year gap when I taught in New Zealand. Being both a parent and an experienced primary teacher I feel that I have many skills as a governor but in particular the skill to communicate well with the whole school community.  As a co-opted governor I hope to assist in moving the school forward as the school look to improve their creative curriculum further.  My upmost concern is the children of Nabb School and that each child meets their potential, through high standards of teaching and other extra curricular opportunities provided to them.  

Kathryn Martin (Parent Governor)

I have been a Parent Governor at the school for nearly two years now and  have a child in Year 4 and also in Year 6.

Our children joined the school in September 2017, having recently moved from the Wakefield area. We are delighted with the move, love Holmfirth as a town and all its beautiful surrounding areas and really feel lucky to be part of such a thriving and lovely school.

Myself and my husband are both teachers in the Kirklees area, and are passionate about working with children and helping them develop into ‘well rounded’ and confident young people. I have worked at another Kirklees school since 2006 and have enjoyed roles in Year 3 and 4 initially, before taking on a more diverse role across numerous year groups, having returned to work part-time after having my children.

 I have worked as a teacher in Primary schools since 1999 in different areas of the UK. I have also lived in the USA and worked as a nanny in Chicago during my former years, an experience which ignited my interest in working with children.

I spend a lot of time walking in the local area with my family and like nothing better than to explore a new footpath and discover a new reservoir! I am a keen runner also and place high value on cultivating and maintaining fitness as a tool to making the most of life and keeping healthy!

In my former years, I did my Degree in Music at Huddersfield University, where I mainly studied Composition, supported by performance on the Flute and Piano. When time allows, I would love to join an orchestra or Music group once again, as I loved playing alongside other people!

I have a strong interest in helping to support the school and am delighted with this opportunity to be a parent representative on the Governing Body. I look forward to contributing towards moving the school forward towards its goals and future endeavours.

Moses Crook  (Parent Governor)

My name is Moses Crook, I live just up the hill from the school and both of my children have attended Nabb from Nursery. My youngest is now in year 6 and my eldest has moved on to HHS. I feel extremely lucky that my children have been able to attend such a lovely school which has offered both a vibrant, varied learning experience and a happy, confidence building environment. I have volunteered in the school helping with reading groups and range of other activities for many years and have loved every minute of my time with the children in such a positive setting.

I feel indebted to the school for the impact it has had on my children’s young lives. I would like to support the school in continuing to offer that happy, nurturing environment where children are free to learn and to develop their own individual characters. I would feel privileged to be able serve the school by being a governor.

In a past life I worked in IT here in the UK and in Australia but for the last 15 years I have run a small (environment conscious) building company based in Holmfirth.  I hope that I will be able make a positive contribution to the governing body by putting my experience in planning, project management and building maintenance (as well as my experience as an involved parent) to good use to benefit the school and I am willing to invest my time to do this. I also have some insight into the pressure schools are under through my partner who works as a primary teacher. 

I enjoy walking in the local area with my family, attempting to keep fit with various martial arts and gardening, when I get the time.

Julian Rose – Headteacher

Stacy Worsley – Teacher (Staff Governor)


School Self Evaluation & Development Plan

School Self Evaluation & Development Plan 2020 2021

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Committee Structures

The full Governing Body meets at least three times a year, once each term.  Sub-committees deal with particular matters such as teaching and learning, premises and health and safety and teachers pay.  Sub-committees generally meet on a termly basis too. The membership of the various sub-committees can be found here Register of Business Interests & Committees 2020 2021

Governing Body meetings – Attendance Record

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Governing Body meetings attendance register

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Other Information

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Complaints Policy Sept 2019

Minutes of meetings can be viewed in the school office.  Please speak to Mr Rose, the Headteacher or Alex Sykes, the School Business Manager if you would like to see any minutes.