Role of the Governing Body

This section introduces the School Governors and describes the role we play at Nabb School.

Whilst Julian Rose, as Head Teacher, and supported by the Leadership Team, is responsible for the operation and management of the school, the Governing Body has three key statutory responsibilities:

  • setting the school’s strategic direction;
  • holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

We also have responsibility for agreeing policies and procedures essential to the operation of the school.

Our role is often described as acting as a “critical friend” to the Head Teacher and staff – we provide support and advice to help them set and achieve targets, raise the school’s performance standards and give all pupils the best possible education.  We do this primarily by monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness and asking challenging questions.

We also have a responsibility to handle complaints.  However, it is important to note that individual concerns or queries should always be raised initially with your child’s class teacher, and then with the Headteacher if you feel that your concern has not been resolved.  It is important to follow the guidelines listed in the school’s complaints policy because if a concern is initially raised with a governor this could, in effect, ‘taint’ the Governing Body meaning that it could be difficult to escalate any concern to to the Complaints Committee if Governors have been involved in any way at the beginning of the process.

A copy of the school’s Complaints Policy , and other policy documents can be found by following this link.

See below for other information which explains who the Governors are, and how and when we meet.

If you would like to find out more about the work we do, are interested in becoming a School Governor, or have any other questions or suggestions for us, then please do speak to Mr Rose, the Headteacher or any of the other Governors (many of us will be in the playground before and after school).  Alternatively, if you pop into the office you can get hold of relevant contact details or arrange to see one of us.

 Stuart Taberner

Chair of Governors

Who we are


Sarah Smale – Chair of Governors (Parent Governor)

I have lived in Holmfirth since 2005 and have 2 children currently at Nabb in Years 2 and Reception. My eldest child moved up to High School this year.

I have been a solicitor for 15 years but I am currently taking a career break to concentrate on family life.  This has allowed me to pursue other interests, including becoming a school governor since September 2015.  In my role as governor, I want to help the school to further develop and succeed and to provide a happy and positive learning experience for all children.

Even though I have been involved in the school as a parent since 2008, when I joined the board of governors in 2015 I soon realised how little I knew about what goes on behind the scenes – I am enjoying the learning experience and now appreciate even more what the school and its staff provide for our children.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going on long walks, cooking, visiting new places and trying to be artistic!

Stuart Taberner – (Parent Governor)

It’s a privilege to be a Governor at Nabb!

My son is in year four and my daughter is in year 1. Both of them love the school, especially its welcoming and supportive culture.

I’m Professor of German at the University of Leeds, which means that I teach language, literature, history, and culture, and write about these things too. I spend a lot of time abroad, doing public engagement activities, especially in South Africa.

I’m also a keen badminton and squash player, and I’m really keen to promote exercise and sport for young people, along with arts, culture, and languages.

At work, I’ve managed large budgets and led teams of teachers, researchers and administrators. I’m very conscious of the targets set by government and other bodies, but I’ve also been committed to mentoring and developing staff in a very pressured environment.

David Tobin (Co-opted Governor)

It’s a great honour to be one of the governors of the Nabb School.

My son is currently in the Reception class at Nabb.

I’ve been a professional composer and musician for the last 25 years, mostly writing music for TV, film and radio – but also running community music groups, musically directing shows and running school groups.

Having run my own business for many years and dealt with huge budgets, I feel that I have skills in understanding how projects are managed and developed as well as systems development, but also I have to respond to a statistics-driven market – not dissimilar to the way schools do. I’m also VERY used to helping teams of people who are working under pressure – which means that I am sympathetic to the role of teachers, but equally I’m a parent – a good middle ground.


Amy Crowther (Co-opted Governor)

My name is Amy Crowther and I have been a governor at Nabb School since September 2015. Previous to this I was a teacher at Nabb School for 7 years until I became an Assistant Headteacher at my new school in the Colne Valley area.

I am passionate about teaching, leadership and creating positive changes to children’s lives. I strongly believe that enjoyment is the ‘Velcro’ to learning and that an inclusive, creative and exciting environment is paramount.

My favourite subject is outdoor learning – I love being outside with my class and learning in the outdoors. I am teaching year 4, 5 and 6 at the moment!

In my spare time I enjoy walking around the Holmfirth/Holmbridge area and spending time with my friends. My partner is a chef so we also like eating out a lot and trying new foods!

I love spending time at Nabb School, it has a special feeling that if you could bottle would be surely worth over 1 million pounds!

Nicolle Burns-Keane (Community Governor)

I feel very privileged to sit on the governing body and to work with such great children and dedicated staff at Nabb school.

I currently have children in Years 5 and 1 plus a new baby at home. My eldest child moved up to High School this year. I am Deputy Head Teacher at a Kirklees Primary School, having taught in the Holme Valley for my entire teaching career except for a 3 year gap when I taught in New Zealand.

Being both a parent and an experienced primary teacher I feel that I have many skills as a governor but in particular the skill to communicate well with the whole school community.  As a co-opted governor I hope to assist in moving the school forward as the New Curriculum and assessment systems become embedded.  My upmost concern is the children of Nabb School and that each child meets their potential, through high standards of teaching and opportunities provided to them.

Heather Thompson (Local Authority Governor)

I am mum to two boys – my eldest is 26 and making his fame and fortune in London, whilst my youngest is currently in Year 11 at Holmfirth High School.

I have lived in Holmfirth for 24 years – such a beautiful town, with wonderful people. I have worked for Kirklees Council for the past 27 years and have been employed in various roles, but for the past 16 years have been an Appeals Officer for the Customer & Exchequer Service.

I have been involved in numerous projects in recent years, which were related to schools and children, most recently encouraging take-up of free school meals, to increase the pupil premiums for schools.

Music is a big part of my life. I love to sing and am a member of a choir. I have also been known to tread the boards in pantomimes. I enjoy cooking and baking cakes.

I am very excited and honoured to be a new governor at Nabb and look forward to working with the rest of the governing body, to help the school and its pupils achieve the very best.

Philip Williamson (Co-opted Governor)

My two children are both at the school and enjoy the many and varied activities made available to them. Living in the local community, I am very pleased to be in a position to contribute to the Governing body and the continued success of the school. I am sure the experience will be interesting and I will have the opportunity to learn, understand and contribute to the challenges and pressures of the education system.

My professional back ground is in Civil Engineering and through my career I have been involved in many varied construction projects including, motorways, sewers, sewage treatment & railway Infrastructure. I am involved with a broad range of areas within the industry including, project delivery, strategy planning, business finance, health and safety, liaison and negotiation with Clients and Contractors.

I am passionate about my work and an industry that offers school leavers of all back grounds and capabilities a variety of interesting roles and countless opportunities.

I enjoy social time with family and friends and I am a keen cook. When time allows, I attempt to stay fit with Taekwondo and the occasional game of squash.

Julian Rose – Headteacher

Stacy Worsley – Teacher (Staff Governor)

Former Governors

Louise Ventris (Parent Governor)

I have been on the governing body for five years. I am Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee, with involvement in safeguarding.

I have worked in web and service design for fifteen years for the BBC, UK Parliament and at Calderdale Council. I now work as a user experience consultant.

I am proud to be a Governor at the school. I admire everything I’ve seen at the school: including the high standard of teaching, the unique educational environment and the opportunities outside the classroom.

Every parent wants to give his or her child the best start in life and I believe that education is central to this. I’m keen to support the school and be instrumental in making it an outstanding school. (resigned 14 July 2016)

Committee Structures

The full Governing Body meets at least three times a year, once each term.  Sub-committees deal with particular matters such as teaching and learning, premises and health and safety and teachers pay.  Sub-committees generally meet on a termly basis too. The membership of the various sub-committees can be found here

Gov Body – Business Interests and Committee Structure 2016 2017

Governing Body meetings – Attendance Record

Governor Meetings Attendance 2013-current

Previous Years’ Register of Business Interests & Committee Structures

Governing Body  – Business Interests and Committee Structure – 2014/2015 and 2015/2016

Other Information

Code of Conduct for Governing Body

Governing Body Induction Pack 2015

National Governors Association

Complaints Policy 2016

Minutes of meetings can be viewed in the school office.  Please speak to Mr Rose, the Headteacher or Alex Sykes, the School Business Manager if you would like to see any minutes.