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We are pleased to announce that we have been lucky enough to have been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Fund which will go towards some play equipment for Mission Possible.  You can expect to see work starting soon and the kit below will be installed!

Phases 1 & 2 are now complete, we are in process of fundraising for the final phase which will include a Clamber Stack!  

FONS have so far been able to contribute £25,800 to this amazing space for your children!  We need approximately £12,000 to complete the whole project.

Mission Possible – Taking Learning Outside

We are redeveloping the adventure playground [the space of land behind Tiger Club] to make better use of this play area and offer the children more diverse learning opportunities.


We intend to make different learning zones which support the physical, social and emotional skills of the children. A place to tell and listen to stories and the opportunity for more informal learning [hidden curriculum] through discovery and exploration in the watch and talk space. We want to create spaces to grow plants and vegetables and an outdoor shelter so that activities can be undertaken through out the year.

The children in Year 4 last year produced some wonderful designs which show what they would like for the adventure playground.

Here are a few of their designs.

Emily’s design.

Emily's design

Emily would like

“An outdoor sitting place with a waterfall so you can calm down so they improve. We should also have a tree house for people to watch birds but we could have padded floor to be safe when we fall.”

Ben would like to see –

“Safe equipment, a calm area [like a pond with fish], a play area sand pit and water pit, fruit and vegetable patch, age group areas, a tree house witha  bird watch, out door classroom and an assault course but without the wooden balance studs.”

This is Ben’s design.

Ben's design

Dan would like – “Mums and Dads could come in to use their skills.”

Megan would like – “An outdoor classroom and soft area [and a] vegetable patch.”

The new playground will look like this.

Holmfirth-School-playground (1)

The project is ambitious and will be delivered in a number of stages.

The first phase – The Launch Pad

During this stage we will level the land, create a path to make it easier for all students to gain access to the different zones and the woodland. We will also aim to build the learning platforms.

Once the first phase is accomplished we will focus on delivering the rest of the project. This will include building the amphitheatre, constructing the outdoor shelter, installing play equipment, creating learning zones, the grow garden and the listen and tell zone.

This project will benefit the children at the school and we’re keen to reach out to the wider community and engage with children’s groups in and around Holmfirth.

We can’t do this on our own – can you help us?

There are a number of ways that you can.

Fund raising

We need to raise money – Fons will be running activities throughout the year.  Please try and support these how ever you can. May be you could help out at an event or fund raise for Fons. If you want to find out more about helping through Fons please contact Lindsay.

Can you volunteer to help during the project?

The skills we want range from clearing the land, building, planting and growing, design, marketing, fund raising…. We require different skills and knowledge throughout the different stages of the project. If you’ve got a little knowledge but a willingness to get involved your time and expertise will be valued.

Please get in touch,  we need to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our community to help build something very special for our children.

Get in touch

If you’d like to get in touch to find out more about the project please either contact the office.

Tel : 01484687565


All donations should be forwarded to the school office and cheques  made payable to Holmfirth Infants, Juniors and Nursery School.


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