Present Perfect Tense!

Year 3 have started to learn how to use the present perfect tense. They really enjoyed eating grapes and strawberries to help them do this. Lots of excellent talking in the present, and then the present perfect tense could be heard.

“I am eating a strawberry.”  And then – “I have eaten a strawberry.”

They could also speak in the third person with the correct tense.

“She is eating a strawberry.” And then – “She has eaten a strawberry.”

There was also quite a bit of juice running down chins! 🙂


Dictionary Skills in Year 3

Year 3 have been practising their dictionary skills in guided reading this week. They’ve mastered alphabetical order and also found that dictionaries can give us meanings and even tell us if words are nouns, verbs or adjectives.


Thanks Debbie!

This afternoon Year 3 had a visit from Debbie Stewart to help them with their learning about the rainforest. Debbie has been to a few rainforests and she showed the class lots of slides of her photos and talked about everything she had seen. The jaguar was a favourite animal along with the armadillo, the giant river otters and the scarlet ibis! Thank you Debbie from everyone in Year 3!


Year 3 Trip to Manchester

Today Year 3 went to the Manchester Museum. They went to have a lovely finish to their topic of Ancient Egypt. It was indeed a very lovely finish. First of all they had a good look around the museum and the live, poisonous frogs, were definitely a favourite.  They then had a workshop with the museum staff and were amazing. They built a pyramid, learned about and also handled ancient artefacts before heading back into the museum to study the artefacts there.

A massive thank you goes to all the parents who were able to come along, and to the children…we were all SO PROUD of you. For your behaviour, listening, enthusiasm and smiles a really big WELL DONE!

Miss S & all the Year 3 Teachers xx

Year 3 Actors & Actresses

This morning Year 3 went outside into Mission Possible to act out the nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet. It was part of their planning that will help them to change this rhyme into a story. They worked on adding more detail and improving the language of the rhyme. This then fed into the creation of a storyboard which will be used as planning when the stories are written tomorrow!



Wonderful Year 3!

It was quite an exciting day for Year 3 yesterday because they went on a trip to the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. They went to see a live orchestra perform the soundtrack to the Snowman film and also an animation of the Nutcracker ballet. As well as that, they had a lovely introduction to the different  instruments of the four families of the orchestra.

Their behaviour was outstanding for the whole trip and Miss Stables and Mrs Kenworthy just want to say how proud they are of everybody. Well done Year 3! 🙂

Stop! Look! Listen! Think!



This morning Year 3 had the first of their pedestrian training lessons from the Kirklees Road Safety Team. They were taught how to use the Green Cross Code when they cross a road. After that they put what they learned into practice by crossing the road below school very safely indeed!




Amazing PAL in Year 3!

This week in Year 3 we’ve had some amazing PAL! In class we are reading the Magic Faraway Tree and so we decided we’d like to invent our own lands  through the clouds at the top of the tree. Here’s a photo of the PAL which is on the ‘Kids Board’ in the classroom. Well done everybody!