Wonderful Year 1 PAL!

The big topic in Year 1 this half term has been Africa and we’ve been amazed by all the very creative artwork for PAL the class have been doing. They are now on display in the Year 1 classroom but we thought we’d put a few of them on the blog. Well done everyone!

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What an amazing Year 1 class!

The Year 1 teachers would just like to say that they are so proud of everyone! Today they walked all the way up to the High School, spent an afternoon doing Sports Hall athletics and then walked all the way back to school.

The whole class were amazing, well done to every single one of you!

We’d also like to say a big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came with us, thank you!

Year 1 Teachers xx

Year 1 Superstars!

All the Year 1 teachers would just like to say how proud they are of the whole class for their wonderful behaviour on the walk to Holmfirth Library and back yesterday. They were so sensible and careful on the roads and in the library they showed brilliant listening before making their own Tour de France jersey and face to go on a big poster. Thank you to the library for offering this to us, we had a great time!

Celebrating Year 1!

We’ve had a lovely week in Year 1, lots of wonderful handwriting, maths, science and music stand out as highlights! We’ve chosen two children today for Celebration Assembly.

The first is Tom for trying so hard in his writing this week, well done Tom!

The second is Harriet who has been doing lots of extra writing at home by herself and she’s also worked very hard in school as well. Well done Harriet!

From all your Year 1 Teachers 🙂 xx