Easter Learning Project for the Whole School

Hello again everybody! Your teachers have been working hard to try to find a plan to suit all classes. Our idea is that every week (although this one lasts for two weeks), each class will get a plan for the week. All classes will have the same theme. This means that if you have a brother or a sister in a different class, you might be able to work on things together and share ideas. Have a look and see what you think. We hope that you will find a few things that you would like to do!

All the following plans will also be on your class learning tab under ‘Home Learning.’ Every teacher has written a letter to their class because it’s all a bit strange in school without you all and they definitely want to try to keep in touch.

If you’d like to send a letter to your teacher, than the best way to do it is to write it up on Word and get mum or dad  to email it to the office. This will then be passed to your teacher who will then write a reply, email it back to the office and then back to you.


Easter Learning Project Reception

Hello Reception children

Year 1

Easter Learning Project Year 1

Hello Year One 02.04.2020

Year 2

Hello Year 2

Easter Learning Project Y2

Year 3

From Miss S 2.4.20

Easter Learning Project Y3_4

Year 4

Year 4 letter 2 4 20

Easter Learning Project Y3_4

Year 5

Hi Year 5 Easter

Easter Learning Project Y5

Equivalent Fractions Game Y5

Equivalent Fractions Game Y5

Year 6

Letter to Year Six

Y6 Easter Learning Project

Y6 Writing Challenge 2

Exploring the archives

My camera has got withdrawal symptoms! I miss being able to capture children’s learning. What’s been your favourite post since September 2019? Why? If you email the office with your choice and justification, we will share your thoughts.

A home learning update will appear shortly. The aim of this is to provide some educational guidance. However, the most important guidance now is looking after each other in any way we can. This is the most important learning of all!



Great Fun! ‘Now Press Play.’

Hello there everybody, we hope that you are managing to keep yourselves busy with fun things as well as a bit of learning while school is closed. Just before Christmas, we had a trial from ‘Now Press Play.’ Those of you who took part will remember the pink headphones that you wore and that you enjoyed the session.

We had an email from them and they have set up a page with four free activities/stories for you to take part in. If you have headphones then you might like to plug them in but you can also just listen without headphones.

Here is the link to their webpage of the free activities.

We hope that you will enjoy this and send lots of love from everyone at school. Xx

Carol Vorderman Maths Factor

Hello everybody, how are you all doing? It’s a very beautiful day and we hope you are enjoying the sunshine in your garden.

We thought you might like to know that this website from the maths wizard Carol Vorderman is now free for the moment.

This is the link if you’d like to take a look. There are quite a few videos of her teaching various concepts, as well as several maths games.

Lots of love, everybody at Nabb Xx