Celebrating Year 1!

We’ve had a lovely week in Year 1, lots of wonderful handwriting, maths, science and music stand out as highlights! We’ve chosen two children today for Celebration Assembly.

The first is Tom for trying so hard in his writing this week, well done Tom!

The second is Harriet who has been doing lots of extra writing at home by herself and she’s also worked very hard in school as well. Well done Harriet!

From all your Year 1 Teachers 🙂 xx

Year 1 Celebrations 6th Feb

This week we’ve chosen three children for Celebration Assembly.

The first is Archie, firstly for his amazing PAL every week and also for his handwriting. He is doing so well that today we decided that it was time for him to start writing in a narrow lined book with a thinner pencil! Well done Archie 🙂

The second child is Eadie-Mae. She sets such a wonderful example to others by always doing the right thing, she’s also wonderful at tidying up!

The third child is Isaac. This week he’s really been concentrating on his work and has achieved so much! Well done Isaac!

From all the Year 1 Teachers 🙂

Celebration Assembly 30th January.

Today in our Celebration Assembly we’ve been so proud of all our children. We’ve heard about lots of hard working, resilient learners and each class teacher has picked a couple of children who have given that bit extra to their learning this week.


The children chosen in Reception for Celebration Assembly today are Florence for wonderful listening in PE and Lucas for trying his best with all his learning. Well done Lucas and Florence!

Year 1

In Year 1 this week we’ve picked Emily D who has just been amazing. She always tries her best, works hard, listens well and she’s also a very kind friend. The other child chosen in Year 1 is Joe. Joe also always tries his best, works hard, listens well and is a very kind friend. Well done both of you!

We’d also like a special mention for all of Year 1 for their wonderful behaviour on the trip to the High School for the Sports Hall Athletics with other Year 1 classes. They also won the competition!

Year 2

The whole class has been chosen today for all their hard work and wonderful learning about polar bears as part of their topic about the Arctic! Well done Year 2! 🙂

Year 3

In Year 3, Miss Crowther chosen Zak for always doing the right thing and being ready for his learning and Lucy for her wonderful literacy this week. Well done both of you!

Year 4

The Year 4 children chosen for our assembly today were Abbie for putting her hand up a lot this week and being very involved in her learning, Oliver A for the swimming gala and being awarded medals and certificates! Another two children were also chosen this week from Year 4 and they were Harry and Jake for brilliant team work in maths. Well done everyone!

Year 5

Mrs Perrons has chosen two children this week, this first is Matilda for her AMAZING PAL and the second is Jessica for making a wonderful start to her new class and school. Well done both of you! 🙂

Year 6

The children chosen by Mr Warrener today were Bethan for her amazing maths this week and Harry for being a fantastic learner in all his lessons this week. Well done!

Celebration Assembly 5th December

Well done to everyone who was chosen for Celebration Assembly yesterday by their teachers.

Reception – Florence for her really big effort in maths this week and Emelia for all her hard work in phonics. Well done!

In Year 1, Emily A and Dylan were picked for being very hardworking , enthusiastic learners this week, well done!

Year 2 superstars this week were Orla, Ronnie and Eva for being so fantastic in all the rehearsals for the KS1 Christmas production. Well done!

Year 3 stars were Robert for being an amazing team member in everything this week and also Caitlin. Caitlin hasn’t been so well this week and we are very proud of how resilient she has been. Well done!

Year 4 went on a trip to the Manchester Museum, Esme and Ethan have been chosen for all their enthusiasm and hard work on the trip.

Elliot and Paige were chosen in Year 5 for their beautiful singing in the church as part of the rehearsals for the KS2 carol concert. Well done!

Year 6 superstars this week were Ewen and Cecilia. Ewen for being very mature and hard working in his learning and Cecilia for her wonderful singing in church. Well done!