Nursery Sports Day

Yesterday afternoon we held the Nursery Sports Day in our field. What a fantastic afternoon it was too with plenty of effort, smiles and sunshine! Thanks to all of the parents who came to watch and well done indeed to all the children in Nursery. A special mention and thanks also goes to those children from Year 6 who made it all run very smoothly. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.

An Upsidedown Rainbow?

Children in Year 3 were having a late playtime today and they spotted an ‘upsidedown’ rainbow! It looked like a big smiley face in the sky and Years 4 and 5 also managed to get to see it.

It’s actually called a ‘circumzenithal arc’ and the Met Office page about them tells us that it isn’t actually a rainbow. Instead, it’s a kind of halo and here’s a quote about them from webpage.

‘They are formed when sunlight refracts through horizontal ice crystals at such an angle that the light enters the crystal through its flat top face and exits through a side prism face causing the distinctive upside-down rainbow effect.  They are commonly associated with cirrus clouds where ice crystals readily form.’



More Fabulous Computer Art from Year 3!

Year 3 have been continuing their learning about how to edit and alter photos in the programme ‘Paint.Net.’ They have created some stunning work!

From Archie (and much better than the original we all agreed), a purple shieldbug!

purple shield bug

And from Jude and Rosie, a wonderful creation from the original photo of a green sawfly. We loved the colours, the patterns and the graininess.


From Maisie, a dragonfly with a difference!


Lovely Visit to RSPB Old Moor by Year 3

This week Year 3 went on a trip to RSPB Old Moor near Barnsley. They had a fabulous day and were a real credit to the school with their wonderful listening, respect and enthusiasm! They learned more about pollination as well as searching for bugs in different habitats and pond dipping. Well done everyone!

Here are a few photos of them on the trip and also a few wonderful bugs that they found, including one that was a first for Old Moor!

Photo Editing in Year 3

This afternoon in Year 3, the class have started to learn how to edit photos. They used some recent photos of their learning about shadows in science. It was great fun to see the photos change so much from the originals!

Here are a few of them.

Exploring Shadows

In their science lesson this morning, Year 3 went out into the sunshine to explore their shadows. They learned that they were the opaque objects that blocked the light source and hence created their shadows. They also found out that they could lose their shadows by running into the shade…


Present Perfect Tense!

Year 3 have started to learn how to use the present perfect tense. They really enjoyed eating grapes and strawberries to help them do this. Lots of excellent talking in the present, and then the present perfect tense could be heard.

“I am eating a strawberry.”  And then – “I have eaten a strawberry.”

They could also speak in the third person with the correct tense.

“She is eating a strawberry.” And then – “She has eaten a strawberry.”

There was also quite a bit of juice running down chins! 🙂


Thanks Debbie!

This afternoon Year 3 had a visit from Debbie Stewart to help them with their learning about the rainforest. Debbie has been to a few rainforests and she showed the class lots of slides of her photos and talked about everything she had seen. The jaguar was a favourite animal along with the armadillo, the giant river otters and the scarlet ibis! Thank you Debbie from everyone in Year 3!


Year 3 Trip to Manchester

Today Year 3 went to the Manchester Museum. They went to have a lovely finish to their topic of Ancient Egypt. It was indeed a very lovely finish. First of all they had a good look around the museum and the live, poisonous frogs, were definitely a favourite.  They then had a workshop with the museum staff and were amazing. They built a pyramid, learned about and also handled ancient artefacts before heading back into the museum to study the artefacts there.

A massive thank you goes to all the parents who were able to come along, and to the children…we were all SO PROUD of you. For your behaviour, listening, enthusiasm and smiles a really big WELL DONE!

Miss S & all the Year 3 Teachers xx