Parental Survey

Dear Parents

We have created a survey for Parents and would be grateful if you could take 2 minutes to complete it for us?  Your views are important to us and we would appreciate your feedback.

Please follow this link to complete the survey –

The survey will be open until Monday 7 November.  We will share the results with you in late November.  Thank you in advance.

FONS Donations

Supporting FONS during the Covid-19 outbreak is difficult when we are unable to host our usual fundraising activities in school.  Here are a couple of way you can support us from home!

MY SCHOOL LOTTERY  – would you consider supporting FONS and the school by joining our school lottery?  Tickets cost £1 per week and you could even be the lucky winner of £25,000!  Visit and search for Holmfirth J I & N School.  Thanks!

Do you shop with AMAZON?  If you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on 13 & 14 October, you can make a difference: Simply shop at or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app, and every time you shop AmazonSmile donates to Holmfirth Junior, Infant And Nursery School Parent Teacher Association (Friends Of Nabb School).  You can shop via AmazonSmile at any time – not just on Prime Day!

Thanks for your continued support of FONS!

Parking & Year 4 Holding area

In view of the request regarding the turning circle we have changed the Risk Assessment and have asked Year 4 Parents to change their holding area when dropping off/picking up from school – please see the attached document – Y4 holding area change to RI 6.10.20

Please can we ask that you take extra care when dropping off/picking up your children in the turning circle?  We ask that you do not congregate in or around the turning circle at home time or drop off in the mornings– and to be extra vigilant with children around this area, especially when on foot.

We have also had complaints from neighbours regarding inconsiderate parking – please can you be careful not to block in any drive entrances to neighbouring properties on nearby roads – especially Cartworth Road and Royd Mount.  Please do not use their driveways to drop off or turn your vehicles around.

We cannot police what parents do on the roads but we are asking for your help to keep the roads around school safe for our children.

An updated version of the Risk Assessment can be found in the letters to parents section of this website.

Thank you for you cooperation.


During this time we realise that some families may be suffering financial difficulties. If your employment circumstances have changed in the past few months and you are now in receipt of certain benefits you may be entitled to claim for Free School Meals.  If you follow this link you will find a letter explaining the funding that schools receive for children entitled to Free School Meals. Please be assured that there is no stigma attached to Free School Meals and your eligibility will remain confidential.  Children are not aware that they are having a Free School Meal.
If you wish to check whether you are able to claim Free School Meals please log onto the Kirklees Council website by following this link

If you do qualify Kirklees will inform us and we will add your child to our Free School Meals list.

Please note that children in Reception and Years 1 & 2 currently receive Universal Free School Meals – this is a different scheme to Free School Meals which is only available to families in receipt of certain benefits and who meet the Free School Meals criteria.
In the meantime, please contact Alex Sykes in the office if you have any queries by emailing

Quick update!

Thank you for your continued support with all that is taking place. The children continue to take everything in their stride and have been so considerate of others.

We have been fortunate with fine weather, but we know that the only reliable fact about the British weather is its unreliability. Please ensure that your child has suitable outdoor clothing, for we are trying to avoid indoor playtimes.

Please also ensure that your child only brings the designated items (coat, packed lunch + possible change of clothing) to school. We are trying to keep life as simple as possible. There may be times when a particular class will have a request or permission, but your class teacher would inform you of any deviations.

The last request is that you inform us if you do not have internet access or that the only access to the internet is by mobile phone. We are trying to ensure that every child is able to access remote learning, should it be required, via laptop or tablet.  We will presume you have the relevant equipment unless you either let your child’s class teacher know  or email the

It has been so important to catch up with so many of you on the playground, at the gates or even over the wall, which has enabled such a positive feeling of normality and routine.

Mr Rose

New School Year – plans for drop off/pick ups

As promised, we have been working on our plans for the new school year and we now have laid out a one way system for you to follow at drop off and pick up times at the beginning and end of each day from Tuesday September 8th – which is our first day back to school.   The plan for the playground can be found at the bottom of this post.

Also at the end of this post is a copy of our updated risk assessment, the latest Government Guidance and a flow chart for for people who are displaying Coronavirus symptoms.

As mentioned in our last post school staff will be on hand on the morning of Tuesday 25 August for any parents who want to come up to school and see the new arrangements for the new term.  If you intend to come up, we would ask that you come directly to the playground at either 10am or 11am on Tuesday 25 August where you will be shown where your child(ren) should go each morning. We do not expect all parents to come tomorrow – but if you are feeling at all apprehensive about the new school year please do come along tomorrow and, hopefully, knowing where you are going on the first day back may help you to put some of these concerns to rest.

From September, children will be kept in class bubbles, and more detailed information can be found on the Risk Assessment attached.  The new start times and finish times for classes are also outlined in the Risk Assessment.

If you intend to come to school tomorrow please remember to follow social distancing whilst on the school grounds and come at either 10am or 11am.  The school building will remain closed until our first day back, which is Tuesday 8 September.

Finally, later this week we will be having 5 outdoor sinks installed which will ensure that we are able to follow the Government Guidance regarding regular hand washing in schools.  The locations of the sinks can be found on the Playground Drop Off map below.

Playground Drop off

Risk Assessment for September 2020

Flow Chart – people displaying symptoms v2

Government Guidance

Plans for the new school year in September

We are busy planning for the new school year and working on a system for drop off and pick up times at the beginning and end of each day.  If you would like to know how the system will work and where to go on our first day back in September you are welcome to come to the school playground on Tuesday 25 August between 10am and 1pm.  If you are unable to come on that day we will also be sending out some written guidance and plans before the start of term to ensure that the start of the new school year runs as smoothly as possible.
If you intend to come to school on Tuesday please remember to follow social distancing whilst on the school grounds.  The school building will remain closed until our first day back, which is Tuesday 8 September.

National Book Tokens

National Book Tokens

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Thank you!

Recent letters

Over the past few days we have sent home quite a few letters via email covering a number of subjects. All of these letters can be found in the Letters to Parents section of this website.