Au revoir but not goodbye

Leavers’ Assembly took place and I am pleased to say there were tears from some children, tears from some parents and tears from some staff. I hope this is more about the emotion of leaving Nabb and not reflective of the quality of the assembly!

Y6 have been an absolute pleasure to work with and they should all be so proud of everything they have achieved. Their enthusiasm is first-rate and at this very moment, they are still singing songs from the show.

Wishing everyone a fabulous holiday and thank you once again for all your support this year.

The Greatest Show. Fact.

Year 6 have outdone themselves this week. Two magnificent performances saw them act, sing and dance with incredible confidence, poise and grace. A huge thank you needs to be conveyed to all staff who have supported Miss Robinson and the Year 6 team. Both performances were witnessed by a brilliant audience and the school are very grateful for all the contributions from parents and other relatives. Lines and songs could not be learnt without your help; costumes and props could not be created without your support. What a team! C1, C2, C3, C4

Tree Art

Having completed a rousing dress rehearsal, Year 6 then sought shade. We found it in the woods where we adorned some of the trees with artwork inspired by memories of this year. C1, C2,C3, C4

Performance ‘warm up’

Year 6 and the rest of the school were out bright and early to perform and watch part of the dress rehearsal this morning. They should be proud of their efforts and things are shaping up nicely for Thursday’s shows. C1,C2,C3