Butterfly sentences

ZH is our first contender for Maltesers! Here are his responses to: What did one caterpillar say to the other? Topical and humorous!

1) “Look, it’s Fred from the cabbage patch. Tell you what – he’s changed a lot recently!”

2) “Look – We’ll have all that sunny freedom up in the air when we’re older.”

3)”Wow, he’s only got 3 pairs of shoes to clean!”

4) “I’m glad to see that butterfly is socially distancing, unlike us!”

5) “Check out his wings! I’d love that tortoiseshell pattern when I grow up.”

How apt!

We may not be all together right now, but these youngsters are showing that we are still all as one! Their efforts are for a cause close to all our hearts. Moments like these are magical! (C1, C3)

Dinosaur Trail

We have some marvellous looking heads (I’m not one of them!) being created, in readiness for Rueben’s parade in Holmfirth on Monday June 15th. If you’ve not crafted one yet, hopefully this will provide inspiration. (C1, C3)



Local Support

The Holme Valley South Emergency Hardship Fund, in partnership with Longley Farm and Holmfirth Tech, will be open for applications from today.

The purpose of the fund is to support those residents living within the Holme Valley South district ward, who have an immediate financial need as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Specifically, the grant is aimed at those who find themselves unable to cover basic necessities, such as food, heating, housing, or childcare, that cannot otherwise be addressed by the existing benefits system or the various Covid-19 government support packages.

Details of the Hardship Fund can be found here:



Key Stage 2 pupils previously participated in a series of mindfulness sessions led by Seth Foster from the Pennine Sports Partnership.

Below is the link to hear Seth’s introduction about mindfulness for parents and carers.