Allotment Update – July 2021

Allotment Update

We would really like to thank all the parents and staff who have
already made a pledge on the Spacehive website for the allotment – each and
every pledge brings us closer to getting the allotment finished and ready for the
children to use from September. This will be an amazing space and each class
will have their own raised bed to plant in – but we really do need every pledge we
can get in order to get the building work completed so please have a look at the
Spacehive website and make a pledge if you are able to

The Spacehive website currently has pledges totalling £9034 which is amazing and we are so near the final amount needed.  There are just 23 days left of the fundraising process, as at the end of this period, Spacehive will look at the number of bids received and decide if it has enough public support for them to match any funds raised. You can pledge any amount
from £2 upwards and every pledge will be matched – so we would be grateful for any donations, however large or small, to help us to get to our target which would mean that the allotment would be ready for everyone to use when we come back after the summer holidays.

Thank you.