School Closure – Friday 8 January 2021

Further to our text message sent earlier this morning these are our reasons for closing the school today.

1)   Although our Caretaker managed to get to school neither of our cleaners were able to get there.  This meant that school has not had the normal deep clean required daily.  As we are currently in the middle of a global pandemic this was the overriding factor when making a decision.

2) Although the school is currently only open to Critical Workers the numbers of pupils in school would have been too many to manage with a skeleton staff.  A number of staff who do not live locally would not have made it in and as we cannot mix bubbles the numbers in school would have been too great to be able to run safely with a significantly decreased number of staff who could make it to school.

3) Remote Learning will still be available to all pupils.  Teachers, who normally work on Fridays, will be working from home.

As the forecast is much improved over the weekend we expect to be fully open on Monday morning to Critical Worker pupils.  An message will only be sent if we are not opening – so presume we will be open if you do not hear from us by 7.30am on Monday morning.

As you know closing school is never an easy decision, even more so at the moment, so we thank you for your understanding.

Holmfirth J I & N School