Parking & Year 4 Holding area

In view of the request regarding the turning circle we have changed the Risk Assessment and have asked Year 4 Parents to change their holding area when dropping off/picking up from school – please see the attached document – Y4 holding area change to RI 6.10.20

Please can we ask that you take extra care when dropping off/picking up your children in the turning circle?  We ask that you do not congregate in or around the turning circle at home time or drop off in the mornings– and to be extra vigilant with children around this area, especially when on foot.

We have also had complaints from neighbours regarding inconsiderate parking – please can you be careful not to block in any drive entrances to neighbouring properties on nearby roads – especially Cartworth Road and Royd Mount.  Please do not use their driveways to drop off or turn your vehicles around.

We cannot police what parents do on the roads but we are asking for your help to keep the roads around school safe for our children.

An updated version of the Risk Assessment can be found in the letters to parents section of this website.

Thank you for you cooperation.