Quick update!

Thank you for your continued support with all that is taking place. The children continue to take everything in their stride and have been so considerate of others.

We have been fortunate with fine weather, but we know that the only reliable fact about the British weather is its unreliability. Please ensure that your child has suitable outdoor clothing, for we are trying to avoid indoor playtimes.

Please also ensure that your child only brings the designated items (coat, packed lunch + possible change of clothing) to school. We are trying to keep life as simple as possible. There may be times when a particular class will have a request or permission, but your class teacher would inform you of any deviations.

The last request is that you inform us if you do not have internet access or that the only access to the internet is by mobile phone. We are trying to ensure that every child is able to access remote learning, should it be required, via laptop or tablet.  We will presume you have the relevant equipment unless you either let your child’s class teacher know  or email the home.learning@holmfirthjinschool.net

It has been so important to catch up with so many of you on the playground, at the gates or even over the wall, which has enabled such a positive feeling of normality and routine.

Mr Rose