Summer Home Learning – Part 4

Hello Everybody!

Today we are publishing the final summer home learning resources should you wish to use them.

The KS2 Creative Plan 2 has been created by the KS2 Teachers – WEEK 4 CREATIVE KS2

The KS1 and EFYS Creative Plan  has been created by the KS1 Teachers – WEEK 4 CREATIVE KS1 YR

There isn’t any further science, but if you’d like to find something of your own, the following sites are great. There are no further resources for Y6 and we wish you all well when you start your new school!

  1. Explorify –
  2. Wow Science –
  3. CBeebies –

Free access to Nessy has now ended. If you were using Nessy before the lock-down, then you will have been re-added to the program.

The home learning email address has changed so please use – – to contact us should you have any problems with any  of the resources.

Please click below to reach your class page.

If you were in Y1 in July, then click on Y1 and so on – we are thinking that you haven’t quite moved class yet!  🙂

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