New School Year – plans for drop off/pick ups

As promised, we have been working on our plans for the new school year and we now have laid out a one way system for you to follow at drop off and pick up times at the beginning and end of each day from Tuesday September 8th – which is our first day back to school.   The plan for the playground can be found at the bottom of this post.

Also at the end of this post is a copy of our updated risk assessment, the latest Government Guidance and a flow chart for for people who are displaying Coronavirus symptoms.

As mentioned in our last post school staff will be on hand on the morning of Tuesday 25 August for any parents who want to come up to school and see the new arrangements for the new term.  If you intend to come up, we would ask that you come directly to the playground at either 10am or 11am on Tuesday 25 August where you will be shown where your child(ren) should go each morning. We do not expect all parents to come tomorrow – but if you are feeling at all apprehensive about the new school year please do come along tomorrow and, hopefully, knowing where you are going on the first day back may help you to put some of these concerns to rest.

From September, children will be kept in class bubbles, and more detailed information can be found on the Risk Assessment attached.  The new start times and finish times for classes are also outlined in the Risk Assessment.

If you intend to come to school tomorrow please remember to follow social distancing whilst on the school grounds and come at either 10am or 11am.  The school building will remain closed until our first day back, which is Tuesday 8 September.

Finally, later this week we will be having 5 outdoor sinks installed which will ensure that we are able to follow the Government Guidance regarding regular hand washing in schools.  The locations of the sinks can be found on the Playground Drop Off map below.

Playground Drop off

Risk Assessment for September 2020

Flow Chart – people displaying symptoms v2

Government Guidance