What more could you want to know about Rainforests? This PowerPoint has gone slightly global – to Penang, Malaysia, in fact, where my daughter lives and has experienced life in a rainforest. Feedback to follow from Emily Rose, once her teaching day is finished. Watch this canopy…

One thought on “Attenboroughesque!

  1. Wow! Fantastic research and presentation about the rainforest! You have definitely captured some of the vibrant wildlife and creatures that live there. I have done lots of walking in the rainforest and have seen many types of monkeys here in Malaysia and Indonesia – my favourite is called the ‘dusky leaf’ monkey! I also was lucky enough to see some orangutans up close! Did you know that the name orangutan means “man of the forest” in the Malay language? I haven’t met any leopards yet on my travels though!

    Also in Penang there are lots of people who sell sugarcane juice on the side of the road as well. They sell it in little bags rather than in cups! It’s very sweet!

    I am very impressed with your work 🙂

    From Emily in Penang.

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