With the current global pandemic, children’s experience and awareness of bereavement may have increased. Within our school specific situation, children may also have become more familiar with the idea of bereavement, following the death of Rueben.

On Monday 15th June, Rueben’s parade will travel through Holmfirth, pausing outside the church (12.45 pm). Many of his friends from school will be in Holmfirth for Rueben’s parade. Rueben had a love for dinosaurs, so it may be that there is a prehistoric theme about town. Rueben also loved pink therefore his wish is for everyone to wear something pink or bright.

Whilst ensuring social distancing, it might be that you want to attend with your child. It might also be that you wish to discuss the specific death of Rueben and / or the nature of bereavement.

If so, we have created some resources that may assist you. The bereavement PowerPoint covers a range of questions that children may ask and deals with specific vocabulary.

The Rueben PowerPoint was Mr. Rose’s response for Year 5 pupils, before a series of socially distanced assemblies took place. Please play the Rueben PPT in presentation mode and click on the sound icon to hear the words from Mr. Rose.


Rueben PPT

Julian Rose