Whole School Project 2 – My Family

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? We hope that you have been out in your gardens enjoying the recent sunshine. Your teachers have planned a new project for you and it’s all about your family. We hope that you enjoy the activities with your family and do let us know how you are doing. Lots of love from everybody at Nabb. Xx


Hello Reception 2

My Family YR WK 1

Year 1

Year 1 Letter 2

Year 1 My Family

Year 2

My Family Y2

Year 2 letter 15.4

Year 3

From Miss S 16.4.20

My Family Y3

Year 4

My Family Y4

Year 4 Letter 14.4.20

Year 5

Dear Year 5 15.4.20

My Family Y5

Year 6

My Family Y6

Y6 Letter