Time Capsule!

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? We hope that you are enjoying the sunshine and that you are keeping busy. Your teachers would like to say a big hello and a thank you for all the emails we have been getting from you. Keep them coming as it’s great to hear how you are, and what you have been doing.

We’ve found an activity that you might enjoy. It’s a ‘Time Capsule’ activity book and there are two of them!

This one is from Twinkl.

Time Capsule Activity Booklet

This one is American (and so there are a few American spellings in it. Can you find them and put the UK ones in?) and it’s all about the fact that at the moment, we are ‘Living History’ as we find the way through the coronavirus. It’s from Long Creations.

Time Capsule Booklet

Lots of love from everyone at Nabb Xx