Green Fingers!

In the next few weeks, we will be starting an exciting new project with Holmepride and Sharing Memories, which we believe will add a new dimension for curriculum opportunities.

We will be building a brand new allotment that will measure 48’ x 32’ and will feature two raised beds, six further beds, a shed, potting area, compost bin, water butts and polytunnels that will allow us to grow our own fruit and vegetables.

This area will be located in the field next to the Log Cabin.  The work will be starting on the 14th February (which is the day that the school is closed for Staff Training).  On this day, the site will be cleared.  Any volunteers able to help with the clearing of the site will be very welcome from 10am onwards.  If you would like to see plans of the allotment, please call in any time after 10am and have a chat with Win Harrison from Holmepride.

The new allotment will then be built over the Easter holidays (dates to be confirmed). When the building work is complete, each class will have their own bed to plant and care for.  This area will provide many exciting learning opportunities for the children.

If there are any keen (or not so keen) gardeners out there (parents / grandparents / aunts / uncles / friends) who would like to be involved in any way with this project, please contact the office for more information.

We will be organising a Grand Opening in the summer term and will keep you informed of dates and progress.  Keep looking out for updates on the website where we will continue to keep you informed.

We could not have done this work without the support of Win Harrison and Holmepride – his enthusiasm, expertise and fund raising on our behalf has been invaluable.  Thank you Win!