Thank You

It was a complex and difficult decision this morning whether, and if, to open school. The weather situation was constantly changing, both within Holmfirth and in other areas. This meant that staff were having to change their plans, in response to traffic and weather events. The safety of our pupils is paramount, therefore the decision was made to open an hour later to allow the ice on Cartworth Road to start to melt (the picture below shows the conditions at 8.50am);  a “walking bus” was created to escort pupils up the second part of the hill, where the road was dangerous, with some icy stretches beneath the falling of snow, this helped to minimise the traffic on the road up to school. As always, we will review our procedures, in order that we can make the right decisions as early as possible to minimise disruption for everybody. Thank you for your patience and understanding today.

Snow 12.2.18