Musical compositions

Years 3 and 4 joined together at the start of the Spring term to compose music. They worked in groups or around six and were given the task of composing music using pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and an ostinato.

They took many of the musical instruments outside and then chose instruments for a purpose. EG: A drum for a loud, strong pulse. The first session was to explore sound and make good choices

for their music. They also had to create graphic scores so that they could play their music again. Despite the very cold weather, everybody was very engaged and worked hard!

The second session lasted for a full afternoon. In this lesson the groups continued to compose and rehearse their music. Outside resources such as the metal fences, wooden posts and the ground were used to great effect. Each group then performed their music in front of everyone.

In the final session, each group did best copies of their graphic scores and also wrote down their reasons for choosing the instruments that were in their composition.