APFS Christmas Cards update

Parents who have returned their cards to school, but have not managed to order online, should put the (correct) money in a sealed envelope, write on the front of the envelope your child’s name, class, what you wish to order (see choices below), and a brief description of their child’s card (e.g. Robin on a branch, Father Xmas up a chimney, Angel on a tree etc etc!).  If you have not already brought your card in return that along with your order and your payment.

The cost of items is as follows:-

1st  pack 12 card pack standards £5.50

Additions 12 card pack £4.50

Luxury gloss 6 pack £7.50

Additional luxury 6 pack £5

Gift tags (12) £2.50

Wrapping paper £4

Envelopes should be brought into the office tonight, tomorrow and Monday morning and we will pass these onto FONS who will place your order manually.

If you have placed your order, paid for it on the website, and received a confirmation email you do not have to do anything as APFS will have received your order before their server collapsed and it will be processed by APFS as normal.