APFS – Christmas Cards Update from FONS

We have had an update from the Christmas Card company regarding their website issues.

APFS have suspended their online ordering system. If you have already placed your order online, received an email confirmation and returned your child’s drawing you need to do nothing as your order and payment has been received by them.

If you have not managed to place an order online, do not bother to try online again. The company have decided to revert to the old method of paying in cash! Return the artwork, circle the number of cards you wish to purchase on the order form and enclose the correct amount of cash and return the whole order to your child’s class teacher.

The deadline for orders is 12 noon on Monday 7 November, however we would be grateful if you could return them  by tomorrow if possible to give the FONS team time to sort the orders out this weekend.

We apologise for the problems you may have experienced over the past week – this was totally out of our control – and we thank you for your patience.  We will review whether we use this company next year when we have spoken in person to them and receive assurances that this will not happen again in the future.