Year 5 pupils have been sharing their views during their RE lesson today. It’s amazing how much you can actually say in 21 seconds!


Year 6 pupils have been using the internet to discover more about their chosen subject, Franz Ferdinand. I was very impressed with their level of enthusiasm and drive to discover more.


Winter Colours!

Early Years and Foundation stage pupils have been out and about looking for natural colours. When I caught up with them, they astounded me with their 3D shape knowledge too!


Joyeux Noel

Year 5 pupils are making Christmas preparations, French style. You may get to hear and see more on Friday morning! I was so impressed with their commitment to the task and their co-operation with each other.

Any old Iron – Man or Giant?

Year 4 have watched the movie and read the book. Now, they are comparing and contrasting both versions, considering themes, structure and characters. Their final task is to choose which one suits them better.



Year 2 pupils are investigating shape. Starting from a rectangle, they have formed a square, cut out triangles and are in the process of fitting it all back together, but not necessarily to form the same shape!


Year 1 pupils have been enjoying the story of King Arthur. Their task was to consider the events of the story and place them in chronological order.