APFS – Christmas Cards

APFS who print the Christmas Cards that parents order (with the commission going to FONS) appear to have an issue with their website which has crashed. They are currently fixing the problem and will let us know when orders can be placed again – the deadline, which was due today, will be extended.  We will inform you by text when they let us know the new date.




Year 4 pupils are about to embark upon the “Iron Man.” This morning, they’ve been making predictions about what they think will happen in the story.



Year 3 pupils are in the process of planning a story, using drawings, notes and sections; I’m looking forward to some thrillers!

Book Fair

Wow! What an amazing return from our recent Book Fair. Thank you for supporting this evident so positively and thank you to Mrs. Worsley and the staff team for organising. £658 is a tremendous effort.


Choc rocks!

Year 4 pupils are learning about the different types of rock in an ingenious (not igneous!) way. Chocolate is being used to demonstrate the processes involved.