Leavers’ assembly

We were left humbled this morning as we heard all about Year 6 achievements throughout their time at Nabb. It was wonderful to see how they’ve grown in stature. We are very proud of each and every one. Thank you, Year 6!

Brazilian theme!

Our pupils have enjoyed a Road to Rio lunchtime experience, thanks to our cuisine crew. Wraps, pasta, fruit pots and smoothies proved to be a real hit. Some of our pupils enjoyed a picnic at school, whilst others took the short trip to Sands.


Year 6 pupils, and staff, had the solution to keeping cool by taking part in a n after school water fight. Judging by the shrieks, I think everyone enjoyed the event.

Who am I?

Year 3 pupils have been bamboozling me with their fantastic animal poems. Using Kennings, they have created a series of vivid descriptions.

Monday or Mehndi?

Year 4 pupils have been doing some beautiful handiwork, this morning, as a treat for all their fabulous learning about India. Mrs. Worsley and Mrs. Brown have certainly developed a fine art.

Green Cross Code

Early Years and Foundation Stage pupils have been learning all about road safety, both as pedestrians and as car passengers. Mick has some very able assistants with him.