There were some rather convincing pirates in school this morning, singing their hearts out. My timbers certainly shivered with the volume and intensity of their singing!

Photo Editing in Year 3

This afternoon in Year 3, the class have started to learn how to edit photos. They used some recent photos of their learning about shadows in science. It was great fun to see the photos change so much from the originals!

Here are a few of them.

Pizza pleasure!

There were some fine aromas coming from the kitchen today, as some of our pupils combined their creative and culinary skills. I may have managed a sniff, but I didn’t manage a taste!

Full of beans!

Reception pupils were exploring Jack and the Beanstalk, by pretending to be all sorts of different beans. I made a sharp exit, before they started on “has been!”

Treasure Island

Pirates are beginning to take over! I caught a snippet of the forthcoming production, this morning, which is going to be performed on July 12th and July 14th. You are in for  a treat!


Fruity frogs!

It’s amazing how a seemingly ordinary piece of fruit can be transformed into art. Early Years pupils have been using their creative skills with pears and grapes, although the frogs didn’t stay around for long!

Fairtrade sampling

Year 4 pupils have been putting their taste buds to good use by sampling some Fairtrade products, including bananas, peanut butter, honey and chocolate. It’s provided a very interesting start to the morning.

Fantastic FONS!

What a fabulous time had by all! Thank you to everybody who turned out today; a special thank you to all the FONS team for all their hard work over the past few months to make Nabbfest so successful..


Nabbfest is well and truly up and running. Despite a stormy start, all activities are going strong; it’s a fantastic atmosphere, so head up, down or along and join in the fun.