Indoor cricket

April (snow) showers put paid to our glorious summer sport taking place outdoors today. However, with a bit of adaptation, games still went ahead in the hall.


Neat hand!

Year 4 pupils have been extending their presentation skills, whilst Year 2 pupils have set about writing a story. There were some very interesting opening sentences and many examples of beautiful calligraphy..


Early Years pupils have been learning all about the properties of ice and even got to create some of their own flavour ice-creams.


Tennis training

What a great start to the day it was, watching 34 of our pupils practising a variety of tennis skills. I was so impressed with their commitment to an early start. Not only did they work on different strokes, but they participated in a series of fun challenges. Thank you to all who made this possible.


Flower power!

Year 4 pupils are about to investigate how plants use water. They have a flower with some coloured water, which they will be observing carefully.