Sport Relief

There are some great activities planned for the next few days, including swimming, dancing and running. As for me, I appear to have landed the cake tasting job! Emily and Rosie, two of our Year 3 pupils, have their own exploits organised. Good luck to all!

Emily & Rosie Swimathon


Out and About

Year 5 pupils have been out and about in Holmfirth, exploring what makes our town so special. It seems they explored every nook and cranny.


Early Years pupils have been concocting a combination of carrot and celery for their tasty snack. It certainly smelt very appetising.

001 (2)

Bess in the hotseat!

Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to put forward their burning questions to Bess, who dealt with all aspects in a very accomplished manner. I’m sure all pupils gained a new perspective.

003 (2).JPG

Netball Tournament

It was another great sporting performance last night, at Royd’s Hall, where our players took part in the Kirklees finals. They equipped themselves admirably, winning one game, drawing one game and losing two games. Their spirit was tremendous. Well done all!