Which way?

Reception pupils have been discussing, programming and checking their direction skills. Hopefully, all Beebots had comprehensive insurance!


Number Challenge

All the learning about place value has come to fruition this morning, with our chocolate number challenge. It was lovely to see our older pupils pairing up with their younger counterparts.

Year 3 Trip to Manchester

Today Year 3 went to the Manchester Museum. They went to have a lovely finish to their topic of Ancient Egypt. It was indeed a very lovely finish. First of all they had a good look around the museum and the live, poisonous frogs, were definitely a favourite.  They then had a workshop with the museum staff and were amazing. They built a pyramid, learned about and also handled ancient artefacts before heading back into the museum to study the artefacts there.

A massive thank you goes to all the parents who were able to come along, and to the children…we were all SO PROUD of you. For your behaviour, listening, enthusiasm and smiles a really big WELL DONE!

Miss S & all the Year 3 Teachers xx


Year 2 pupils have added the final touches to their Easter card project. After design and creating, they have assembled all the parts to make their card come to life.



Year 6 pupils are adding the finishing touches to their fairground rides. All mechanisms appear to be revolving perfectly.

Man Down!

We were a couple of Lunchtime Supervisors short today as Mrs Kenworthy and Mrs Brown went on the school trip with Year 3.  Luckily the uniform fitted Mr Rose perfectly and he stepped in to cover them!

Man Down!