Smells good Monday!

The temperature is sizzling at Cooking Club tonight, with curries galore on the go. Wow! I was so impressed with the level of ingredient information and confident cuisine. Greg Wallace and John Torode would be seriously impressed.


Feel Good Monday!

Year 6 pupils are having a very creative and energetic day at the High school, getting to know children from feeder schools. After seeing Drama, Handball and Dance, I caught up with them all at lunch. I’m looking forward to their performances later this afternoon.001 (2)

Game on!

Year 4 pupils love getting to grips with grammar exercises. You have to have your wits about you to know your conjunction from your preposition!

Brain drain? Fab Nabb!

Year 2 pupils have been learning together to ensure that their skills make a difference. As they worked with their shoulder partner, I was so impressed at the level of their maturity and coaching expertise.


House proud!

Reception pupils have been making sure that they are up to date with their chores, as they consider people who help us. No worries now should your dishwasher break down!


Tennis trials!

Our Nursery pupils enjoyed a taster Tennis session this morning, practising balance through a range of activities. Great fun was had by all.

Strictly Pennine!

Some of our pupils danced their socks off, earlier this week, at the Lawrence Batley theatre. We hope to see some of their routine on Sport Relief Day, later this month. Thanks to Sophie, Mrs. Perrons and Mrs. Pearson for their support.

Judge Rose!

Year 4 pupils put forward passionate arguments about the potential building of a dam. I was so impressed by the range of their research and  their accomplished presentations. It was a tough call to decide, and I hope both parties will have something to celebrate.

002 (5)


Year 5 pupils have been considering expanded noun phrases, as part of their grammar studies. They’ve looked at historical records to identify such aspects, before embarking upon their own accounts.

001 (5)