Open All hours!

Year 1 pupils have been exploring halving numbers. Today, they applied all their hard work by selling sandwiches at half price. There were some great deals to be had!

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Book bound!

What a great start to the morning! There are adults and children all over school, in every nook and cranny, sharing their love of stories. It’s lovely to see such engagement.

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Behind the Mask!

Year 3 pupils look as if they’ve discovered Ancient Egyptian treasure, just like Howard Carter.  This creation would have graced any Pharaoh’s collection.


Current Affairs

Year 5 pupils have been fully involved with the local news by considering the impact of our A and E closure. They have written letters to Jason McCartney, our local MP. I was most impressed with the knowledge and conviction of our pupils.


Stand and Deliver!

Year 6 pupils have been studying the poem, “The Highwayman,” by Alfred Noyes. They have written their own versions, combining description and action. Alliteration and similes made their writing really stand out.


Another Brick in the Wall!

Year 5 pupils have been studying and painting landscapes. Their focus this week has been on stone walls. It’s amazing what you notice when you isolate one section. there are some stunning pieces in the making!


Sporting Superstars!

Congratulations to our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, who competed at the Kirklees Sports Hall Athletics competition, this morning. They ran, threw and jumped for all their worth! Mrs. Perrons and Mr. Warrener were mightily impressed with the whole team’s effort and attitude.