Get me out of here!

Bushtucker trials started early this morning for our Early Years and Foundation Stage pupils. Their use of descriptive language was excellent, as they thrust their hands into the unknown! I’m sure they will have gained extra stars!


On the Fence!

Children really enjoyed learning new skills at fencing, last night. As well as discovering fencing techniques, they had to adapt to new equipment. I look forward to their next epeesword (Yorkshire phonetics!)

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Bright sparks!

Year 2 pupils have been re-living what it would have been like in London, at the time of the Great Fire. There are some fantastic constructions, which could appear on “Grand Designs”

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Taking control

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It’s been lovely to see so many children, not only engaged in learning, but actually leading the way, from punctuation to painting!


Mr. R’s Thursday Teaser!

There’s been lots of problem solving activities around school this week, so here’s an opportunity for you to extend your thinking even further. Using the method of trial and improvement, explore some possibilities. Give your answer to Mr. R by Monday. The first involves 2 digits, whilst the second link involves 4 digits. Happy puzzling!

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All wrapped up again

Year 1 pupils have been mixing, stirring, baking and presenting their cakes, guided by Mrs. Hunt, in readiness for an “open afternoon.” A real treat will soon be in store!

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