Celebration Assembly – 23rd April


We are proud of Florie for helping with our kings and queens topic by sharing all her knowledge. Florie already knew alot about kings and queens.

Bella and Lily for their kings and queens pictures. Lily also tried really hard with her writing on her picture and on her menu.

Year 1

Alex for being amazing in his maths learning this week.

Sylvia for being a fantastic listener especially in PE this week. her listening in PE helped to improve her skills during the lesson.

Year 2

The whole class for superb behaviour on their reward afternoon to the ice-cream parlour.

Year 3

Rosa for her enthusiasticlearning and teamwork.

Edwin for working logically in Maths and always trying.

Year 4

Conall for fantastic learning about puffa fish in Science.

Lucy D for being really helpful, a great team member and teacher to Flo during swimming.

Year 5

Sadie for getting on with her work independently and continually finishing her excellent work.

Lucy for her huge progress in Maths.