Thank you!

Today Brother Ben and Brother Nathan from the Plum Village Buddhist monastery visited Years 1 and 4. They taught us how to be calm and did simple meditations and songs with us. We really enjoyed our sessions and would like to say a massive thank you to both monks…

Here is their website.

We are proud of……

Year 6

Imogen for the amazing way she has settled into Year 6.

Layla for her attitude to learning and in particular her amazing literacy work

Martha for some amazing flashback writing in Literacy

Jason for fabulous support of his team mates in PE lessons

Elise and Ruby L for always setting a good example.


Year 5

Ethan for his attitude in class and the quality of his writing and for always being polite.

Lucy for always putting that little bit extra work in and for her fantastic explanation for adding fractions with different denominators.

Alfie for trying so hard with his writing targets. For his beautiful handwriting and description and picture of ” The Firework maker’s daughter”

Lani, Emily, Penny, Harriet, Eve and Hannah for representing the school at the West Yorkshire Games Winter cross country event. They were amazing!!


Year 4

Kias for being a great team member and helping Miss Williams  whilst Mrs Worsley was on a course.

Jack and Caitlin for being great role models at the high school and representing Year 4 so well.

For all those children who have been successful at swimming and have achieved swimming certificates.- Kias, KJake, Ben, Linsey and Tyler.


Year 3

Scott for working so hard in guided reading and doing great work on time in Maths.

Phoenix for his fabulous French learning about animals and colours.Also for his fantastic work on angles.

Olivia, Thomas W, Orla and Ronnie for their fantastic creation of a Roman fun fair ride.

Lilly, Jasmine and Max for individual effort and support during the building phase. They are amazing team members.

Jacob for always being keen and resilient in his learning.


Year 2

Georgie, Ivor and Alfie for their amazing PAL all about penguins.

Corey for working hard inMaths and writing some great sentences in Literacy.

Darcy for trying hard and doing really well in her Literacy.


Year 1

Freddie for doing really well coming into school by himself all week.

George for his knowledge about planets.



Reuben for stepping in at the last minute as the “demon king” and for being really helpful in class.

Edie for her lovely writing about her mum.

William for writing such an amazing, exciting story.

Megan for being such an enthusiastic learner all week.


Tennis club

Ruby B and Lani for excellent teamwork and for being outstanding role models at the club. They have looked after Georgia and Seren from Reception, being their partners on the way back to school. A very caring attitude from both.


Year 6 Composers

In their music lessons Year 6 have been learning about leitmotif. This is a tool that composers use to put a thought or picture or feeling into your head. They learnt how to play the theme/leitmotif to Wallace and Gromit and then composed a soundtrack to a soundless video clip of Wallace and Gromit. Today they finished rehearsing and performed. Here’s the soundtrack that the Y6 library group composed and then performed.

Well done to all Year 6 composers!

We are celebrating…..


Florie for her lovely holiday PAL

Georgie and Seren for a fantastic report from tennis, super joining in and sensible travelling back to school.

Niamh as she has had a fantastic first week at our school and for her beautiful woodland picture.

Elissa for her beautiful woodland picture

Year 1

Astrid and Anna for always trying hard in writing, and especially for using ? this week.

Reva and Flo for their wonderful writing.

Year 2

Abi and Will for writing so many sentences about penguins.

Tom for trying really hard with his learning. We are really proud of him.

Findlay and Solomon for amazing maths skills learning the checking method for addition.

Year 3

Charlotte for writing an amazing 500 word story, all about Fenella and our school.

Amber for also writing a 500 word story but mainly for her amazing Big Write- a diary entry of a Gaul who became a slave and then became a gladiator! It was like reading a film script!!

Year 4

Findlay for being a great shoulder partner, having a caring attitude and being helpful.

Caitlin for being a good role model by always being respectful and polite

Joseph for his amazing leadership and team building skills.

Year 5

Elouan for his fantastic writing about fire safety. It was neat, detailed, interesting and informative.

Jess for her editing and reflections in writing. Also for being a fantastic learning friend.

Year 6

Jessica for her amazing attitude to joining the extra m’s

Jack O for his attitude to his literacy work. We are really impressed. Well done