We are proud of…..


Sports Organising Crew – for completing their training and arranging an event for years 1-6. They are a great team and a pleasure to work with.

Year 4:

The whole class for their fantastic behaviour and team work at the Zone on Monday.

Plus- Jake, Kias, Laurie, Gina, Kasey and Victoria who all passed their swimming certificate this week.

Year 2:

Georgie for being a lovely, kind girl and such a special class member.

Plamena for trying hard with all her learning.

Year 1:

Florence for trying hard in all her learning.

Emelia for always trying her best and being a great role model.


William, Edie and Georgia W for their lovely house pictures using watercolours and pastels. They talked about their houses, describing some of the characteristics.

Year 5:

Lani for a fantastic biography about her grandad which she produced for PAL. Her powerpoint was amazing and she is going to show the whole class. We loved the photographs which she included.

Hannah for her really detailled biography of her dad. She had typed it up and presented it beautifully.