School closure

Due to ever worsening weather conditions we have taken the difficult decision to close the school today. We will keep you updated about tomorrow.

We are also impressed by….

Year 3

The amazing attitude of Roman, Darcey, Charlotte and Eben with their Roman city budget. They supported each other and were a terrific team.


Finlay and Edie for their amazing effort and progress in maths. They are now using numbers up to 20.

We are so impressed by…..

Year 6

Ruby L and her group for working really hard as a team to produce a super advert.

Isabelle for her hard work and focus in maths. Well done.

Hannah T

Ruby M, Maisie, Harvey, Cain, Dan, Emily H and Paige


Year 5

Eve and Murray for their fantastic research and planning for their snow toy writing

Oliver for enthusing about his learning and bringing toys in from home to show in school which linked to his toy advert.

Joe for his absolutely amazing attitude in all subjects today.

Bailey for beautifully presented maths pal. What a great start to the new year

Penny for analysing a FLASH advert with lots of detail and looking for all the key features. SUPERB

Sadie, Ruby and Esme their report writing completely blew me away. OUTSTANDING.

All the pupils who got their pen licence this week because of their beautiful joined up handwriting in all their books.

Year 4

Tyrese for being on the ball and putting his hand up and offering answers and for his amazing improvement in swimming.

Neve for her progress in reading and confidence in maths.

What an amazing Year 1 class!

The Year 1 teachers would just like to say that they are so proud of everyone! Today they walked all the way up to the High School, spent an afternoon doing Sports Hall athletics and then walked all the way back to school.

The whole class were amazing, well done to every single one of you!

We’d also like to say a big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came with us, thank you!

Year 1 Teachers xx