WE ARE AMAZING..! – 16.10.14

Year 6:

Hannah T for being a wonderful role model to the class and to younger children in the school.

Mia for some superb topic work including a brilliant travel guide for British Columbia and some hilarious examples of adaptation using play dough.

Year 5:

Ben for being a fantastic learning friend and for producing a beautiful poem about Cliffe House

Esme for her fantastic reading voice and for her amazing poem about Cliffe House

Ruby S for ALWAYS doing the right thing. For producing excellent work in ALL subjects and bringing a smile to the classroom EVERY day.

Year 4:

Georgina for creating a wonderful character from our class book “The Ice Palace”. She made a Starjik for her PAL from wool and sticks which was brilliant and very creative.

Jake for completing his PAL every week to a high standard. It’s always beautifully presented and when we have a creative piece of PAL he goes above and beyond.

Year 3:

Eben for creating a fantastic story map for his Alien in Holmfirth story.

Ava for filling her already brilliant story map with key word, adjectives and her ideas.

Year 2:

Joe for really starting to join in and putting his hand up in lessons.

Harriot for great team work when making pirate costumes.

Year 1:

Harry for working very hard all week in his learning.

Josie for working very hard all week in her learning.


Myley for working so hard today. For fantasic reading, counting petals for her sunflower and painting a beautiful background.

Elissa for trying really hard with her reading and phonics.