We are proud of…….9.10.14

Year 6:

Megan and Elise for attending the Neilly Races as last minute replacements for our Year 6 girls’ team. A super effort given the horrible weather!!

Year 5:

Alfie – for his amazing attitude towards his maths learning and in particular towards rounding decimals.

Lucy – for her fantastic attitude towards her progress in maths. For her focus and determination to improve.

Year 5 girls cross country runners for getting through to the next round of the competition – Eve, Lani, Emily C, Penny and Hannah

Year 4:

Findlay – for the huge improvement in his handwriting and for focussing on his targets in his writing.

Linsey – for gaining lots of confidence in swimming and now trying to swim on her back.

Year 3:

Max – for the amount of hard work and effort he is putting into his maths at the moment.

Year 2:

Red maths group for their enthusiasm, for being fantastic mathematicians and to Anya for not giving up.

Year 1:

Emelia for all her hard work this week and being a superstar learner.

Tyreece and Teddy for really trying hard with their handwriting and sitting letters correctly on the lines.